Boat Outfitting Sales And Installation Services

C6 Marine provides mobile boat outfitting sales and installation services throughout all of Northeast Florida.

We understand the importance of having reliable equipment like up-to-date navigation systems, proper lighting, and security systems.

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High Quality Navigation Systems For Your Boat

C6 Marine specializes in providing cutting-edge marine navigation systems. Having an up-to-date navigation system is critical for the enjoyment of your boat.

Whether you need to update your current navigation, better charting of routes, mark your favorite fishing spot, or try to navigate to your favorite weekend getaway, we will take care of you.

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Trolling Motor Sales And Installation

Having the right trolling motor for your boat type will enhance your fishing experience, C6 Marine specializes in the selection, purchase, and installation of top brand trolling motors.

We are equipped to assist you with all your boat trolling motor needs.

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Adding Security And Safety To Your Boat

Our marine security systems will bring you peace, safety, and security while you’re away or on the water. it is important to protect your investment and weekend getaway. 

From alarm systems to GPS tracking, we provide you with up-to-date, high-quality systems. We will customize your system to your vessel's needs. The placement of sensors and sirens are critical to the functionality of your alarm systems. We offer GPS trackers with text or email notifications and geo-fencing for when your boat is in storage, in a slip, a drydock, or at your house.

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We Help Light up Boats And Docks

From LED lights to underwater lighting, C6 Marine will provide you with boat lighting you’ll love. Our top priority is providing you with high-quality lighting products and installation services.

Proper marine lighting is critical to the safety & enjoyment of your vessel. Getting stuck on the water at dusk without proper navigation lighting & deck lights is a real danger. Our expert installer can help customize your lighting location and wiring needs. 

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Installing The Perfect Entertainment System For Your Boat

Our marine entertainment systems will make an impact on having a good time on the water. Having a professional to design your speaker layout based on the type of boat you have and designing the settings for how you want to use your boat can make all the difference. Our designer specializes in custom layouts, speaker location, custom wiring, and top-of-the-line controls. 

For example, an entertainment system for a party barge will be much different than a speed boat. That is where our expertise makes the difference.

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